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Effective July 2009

Welcome to Switchin.net and thanks for visiting our Privacy Policy page. Switchin.net (which we might also call "the Switchin world" or "our Website") is a safe, age-appropriate site where people aged 13 or older can play and learn basic online social skills. On this page, we'll talk about three things:

1. What types of information we collect from our Switchin.net players (and their parents),
2. How we use that information, and
3. How parents can stay in control over their children's activities.

Special Message for Parents

At Switchin.net, we believe that children should be able to use the Internet to play, learn, and socialize in a safe, private, and fun environment. To do our part in achieving this goal, we take the following steps:

* Online Safety. We have designed our virtual world to allow for a safe interactive environment. This includes (among other things) educating our players about online safety in this Policy, offering important safety tools such as player reporting and blocking (ignore function), and using filtering technology and moderation to help protect children from inappropriate or unsafe chat with other players.
* Parental Control. We give parents control over their children's activities on Switchin.net, including the ability to approve or change their child's chat level and to shut down their child's account ( See Section 7 below ). We also recommend you discuss approriate online behavior with your child prior to allowing them to access Switchin.net if you have not done so already.
* Privacy. We ask children for very little information (but nothing personal about them) in order to allow them to play in the Switchin.net world. This means that it is very difficult for us or other players to have direct personal contact with children on Switchin.net.

The rest of this Policy will give your child (and you) more information about the measures above. If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy, please contact Switchin.net Customer Support.

* 1. What information do we ask for, and how do we use it?
* 2. How do we keep your information safe and secure?
* 3. Do we use cookies or log files on Switchin.net?
* 4. Who collects your information on Switchin.net?
* 5. Do we share your information with other companies or people ("third parties")?
* 6. Can parents review or make changes to their child's account?
* 7. How do we let you know about changes to this Policy?


1. What information we ask for, and how do we use it?

It depends on what you're trying to do on our Website. Below are some examples when we might ask for information, the types of information we ask for, and how we use the information you give us. No matter what you're doing on Switchin.net, we only ask you for the information we need to provide you with the service or feature you're requesting. In other words, we won't make you give us more information about yourself or anyone else if we don't need it to give you that service or feature.

A. Creating an account
When you first create an account, we ask you to give us the following information:

* Character name and password. This information allows you to create your own Switchin.net account and to login to play in the Switchin.net world. We also use your character name to display it in the Switchin.net world, keep track of the currency you earn and spend while you play, and link any paid memberships to your account (see paragraph B below). Your character name and password must not be your real name or other personal information, and you should set up a password that only you or your parent will remember but that's hard for others to guess. You should never give this password out and no staff at Switchin.net will ever ask you for the password

* Parent's Email Address. If you want to use advanced features such as premium purchases we ask for your email address or your parent's and use it to request and verify their permission.

Your account information, which may also include information about your parent (such as email address and billing information), could also be used for the following reasons:

* To block your access to Switchin.net if other players are reporting you for valid reasons or if you violate Switchin.net's Terms of Service;
* To help you set up a new password if you forget your old one;
* To allow parents to review and make changes to your account and membership status; and
* To communicate with your parent via email about updates to the Switchin.net world, changes to your account, or other important announcements.


B. Paid Membership

To buy a paid membership on Switchin.net (which might be required to age-up and get certain privileges in the world), we ask your parent for billing information, including your parent's name, email address, phone number, and credit card information. This information is used to process and confirm payments and to communicate with your parent about your paid membership (for example, if we have a problem charging the credit card, to send membership expiration reminders, etc.). We might also use this information for the reasons listed under Section 1A above ("Creating an account").

C. Inviting a friend

Switchin.net allows you to invite friends to join Switchin.net or to become "friends" on Switchin.net with other players by using the "Add Friend" feature.You can do this by entering your first name and your friend's email address or their Switchin.net character name on the Add Friend form. If you choose to give us your friend's email address, we will use it to send them a one-time email invitation to join Switchin.net, but we will not keep your friend's email address or your first name.

If your friend or the other player accepts your friend request, his/her character name will be listed as a friend under your friends list in the Switchin.net world. The same is true if you accept a friend request from another player - your character name will be listed as a friend under their Switchin.net friends list

D. Chatting

Chatting is not intended for you to post or share personal information, like your home address or phone number. We do this to help protect your safety, and we hope you never share this type of information with strangers on the Internet or in real life.

We can't guarantee that personal information will never get through our filters. So please be smart when chatting and follow the tips we give you on our Safety page under the section ("Keeping it Safe: Your Part").


E. Ignoring or reporting players

When you block or report another player, we do not ask for any personal information about you or the player you're reporting. You simply click on the player you want to ignore or report and then click on "ignore" or "report". Ignoring a player makes that other player invisible to you and makes you invisible to that other player. To unblock a player, you simply access the Ignore button on the bottom of the screen.

2. How do we keep your information safe and secure?

Switchin.net does many things to help keep your account information safe and out of the hands of the wrong people. We've listed some of them below.

* We store your account information on secure servers behind firewalls. This is just a fancy way of saying that we put up very strong walls between the outside world and your account. These walls are very hard to break down.
* We process and store credit card information through a vendor who uses standard security techniques, like encryption, to keep the information secure. We, at Switchin.net, do not even have access to full credit card numbers and we do not display any portion of your parent's credit card number on your account information page.
* We make you create an account with a password so that hopefully only you and your parents know how to get into your account. Your password is the key to your account, so please make sure to keep your password a secret and never share it with anyone.
* We only allow some people at Switchin.net and at our vendors (but not everyone) to see your account and any other information, like billing information, tied to your account. These are people who need to be able to see your information to do their job and to make Switchin.net work for you. Please read Section 4 below for more information.
* We have designed our chat features with your safety in mind. To find out more, please read Section 1D above.
* We expect you (with your parents' help) to be smart about what you do on Switchin.net. Please read "Keeping it Safe: Your Part" on our Safety page for some tips on how to stay safer on Switchin.net and other Internet sites.

3. Do we use cookies on Switchin.net?

Like many other websites on the Internet today, we use cookies to help make our Website work properly and to save you time. Cookies are basically text files (which look like a long string of numbers, letters, or other characters) that we place on your computer. For example, cookies might remember certain things about your Switchin.net account, like your character name for faster login and your paid membership status.

We do not use cookies or log files to collect any personal information about you or others. We might combine information in a cookie or log file together with personal information we might have gotten from you or your parent somewhere else on our Website (like when you created an account or when your parent bought a paid membership).
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4. Who collects your information on Switchin.net?

Our company, called Sanity Check Entertainment Inc. and located in Canada, collects your information. This is true no matter where you live or access our Website. By using Switchin.net, you agree that it's okay for us to transfer your information outside of your home country.

In some cases, your information is collected and stored by other companies that we hire to help us run the Website, like the companies who help us filter text chat and process membership payments. These companies may be located inside or outside of Canada. We call these other companies "vendors" because they are only allowed to collect and use your information the ways we tell them to, and no other way. If any vendor is allowed to see or access your personal information, we make sure they agree in a written contract to protect your personal information the same way we do or as the law requires. If you have any questions or concerns about our Website, please contact Switchin.net Customer Support at:

Switchin.net Support

support @ switchin.net

5. Do we share your information with other companies or people ("third parties")?

No, unless we have to for safety or legal reasons or because another company buys or takes over our company. These types of events don't happen very often. If we had to share any of your personal information because we were bought or taken over, we would make sure that the new company agrees to treat your personal information the same way we did, unless they get your parent's permission to use it differently.

Once in a while, we might put together a lot of information about Switchin.net players and the different ways our players use Switchin.net (but nothing "personal" like names or email addresses) and then share this information with third parties. This is what we call "aggregate data sharing." We might do this so that third parties can help us figure out what parts of our Website are most popular, what types of individuals are playing on our Website (demographic analysis), and ways we can continue to improve our service.
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6. Can parents review or make changes to their child's account?

If a child gives us a valid parent email address when he/she creates a Switchin.net account or if a child has a paid membership on Switchin.net, we can help parents do the following:

* Identify the child's character name in the Switchin.net world. You can find your child's character name either in the consent email we send you when your child creates an account or just contact Customer Support.
* Change the child's account password. To do this, go to the Switchin.net login screen, click on "Forgot your password," and then click "Reset." You will need to know your child's character name and have access to your email for this to work.
* Change the child's membership status or update billing information. To do this, you will need to login to your child's account and go to the account information page under "Membership."
* Change the child's permitted chat level. To do this, please contact Customer Support.
* Shut down the child's account. To do this, please contact support @ switchin.net and include the account name in the subject line.

If you email or call us for any of the requests above, please be prepared to give us (for verification purposes) your email address and a telephone number where we can reach you. For some requests, you may also need to know your child's account password or (if your child has a paid membership) the last 4 digits of the credit card number used to pay for membership.
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7. How do we let you know about changes to this Policy?

For changes that aren't very important (what we call "non-material changes"), we'll post them on this page and list the date the changes were made at the top. For changes that are more important (what we call "material changes"), we'll do the same thing, plus get your parent's permission before making the changes. An example of a material change would be if we wanted to take personal information you might have given us in the past (like your name, address, or email address) and use it in a way we didn't already tell you about in this Policy.

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